Is this program best suited for VC backed entrepreneurs or those who intend to raise funds?


No, Lead Tribe will touch upon many aspects of company building โ€” branding, people management, cash management, go-to-market, so founders regardless of their capital raising plans can benefit. That said, we will have a preference for founders (and startups) looking for hyper-growth and large scale in their business.

Will this help me raise funds?


The curriculum will have a session on Fundraising (with a focus on raising early stage funding), led by a leading early stage investor. We have also seen several instances of Lead Tribe 1 cohort members getting introductions to future investors from fellow cohort members.

Does selection into Lead Tribe mean funding from Blume? No. Joining Lead Tribe neither improves nor hurts your chances of raising funding from Blume.


Do you have any expectations of where we are at with the startup?


The Lead Tribe experience is ideal for founders of startups that are post-launch, making some early traction (either in terms of revenue or engagement) but have not yet raised a full-fledged Series A round. Founders who have not yet developed their MVP (minimum viable product) may not be able to make the most of some of our distribution and marketing-related sessions.

Can co-founders or L1s of selected founders get access to the community or the sessions?


No. Selection into Lead Tribe is for the founder who applies, and not their startup. Non-founder L1s (including founding team members) and male co-founders will not be given access to the community channels or the live sessions. While your female co-founders also do not get access to the closed door sessions, weโ€™d be happy to have them join our informal sessions and meetups.

Curriculum & Program structure

Is the program remote or in person?


All Lead Tribe sessions will be online, partly because of COVID-19, partly because of the geographic diversity of cohort members. That said, Blume will organize informal cohort meet-ups in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore that cohort members are encouraged to attend to make the most of the community experience. We highly encourage and would love if members living in neighbouring cities would be able to make it to the in person meet ups in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore.

What is the course breakdown of the program?


Over the span of 10 weeks, the cohort will meet twice a week โ€” for a learning session and a discussion session. Topics include but are not limited to fundraising, achieving PMF, GTM, brand building, finance & cash management, and more.

What is the typical commitment for this program?


During the 10 weeks of Lead Tribe (April - June), the cohort will meet twice a week - one fixed weekday (TBD) and every Saturday. Each session will be roughly 60-90 minutes long. In addition to these 3 hours of sessions each week, founders are encouraged to spend some time getting to know their peers through 1:1 calls, breakout sessions, in person meet ups, etc. Certain sessions will require a pre-read or survey to be filled out.

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